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Day by Day – part 1

I may have to ask Anne Day how she came up with the title of her book (Day by Day).Of course it seems obvious, but perhaps there is more to it than one might assume (heads-up Anne, if you’re reading this).

Anne will be my In Conversation guest at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore on September 15th when we will talk about her book.

Sept 15 poster

So far, it’s a delightful read – starting with a bit about her life so we have a sense of the person behind the Company of Women.

I’m looking forward to continuing my read, so stay tuned!

And come and join us at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore or livestreamed on the web at

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Trey Anthony at the TWB tonight!

I’m so looking forward to chatting with Trey Anthony tonight at the bookstore.

There is so much we could talk about, we’ll have to do a part 2 somehow. Trey has been busy in the last few years…not only did her Fringe play (and one of the most successful Fringe plays EVER! I might add) end up at the Princess of Wales theatre, but it has been in different cities since…and it’s coming back to Toronto this summer.

There is more more more…but you’ll have to come and be part of our audience at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore tonight at 7pm (or watch us on livestream at 7:30pm EST at to find out!


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See Toby for Yourself!

Sorry for the delay!

For those of you who missed Toby in person or on the livestream on June 18th at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore, here he is (watch the video)!

Meeting Charmaine Hammond, her husband Chris, and Toby the dog was amazing. I was excited all day, and kept looking out the window of the bookstore anticipating their arrival. As I said to Charmaine “I’m not sure who I’m more excited to meet, you or Toby!”.

We had a great chat, and even though I had read the book, the stories were just as captivating and entertaining. Toby lay quietly at our feet for the whole interview, and graciously woke up at the end to the applause – and wowed the audience with a few “pawtographs”.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of On Toby’s Terms yet – you can do so at the bookstore or online at Amazon. But check out our video so that you can recognize which Toby is really Toby in the upcoming movie that is based on Charmaine’s book and this dog’s amazing journey!

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Lesbians on the Web!

If you use your computer as a TV like I do, you may be familiar with the phenomenon of web series’. If you’re a lesbian, looking for some content that reflects your life even remotely (now that the L word is no longer, although nothing about that show reflected my life…) you may know about BJ Fletcher, Private Eye and Seeking Simone.

If these names are familiar, then Thursday night’s event at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore will be of interest. If they aren’t – Thursday night’s event will also be of interest.

Come on out and join us as we talk to the creative minds behind these series (Canadian!!) and watch an episode or two. You get some entertainment plus you help support the further creation of these shows (it’s a fundraiser! – RSVP to the bookstore to reserve your spot. Tickets are $10).

Join us on Thursday from 8-11pm EST. Live at the bookstore, or online over livestream at


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Meeting Toby Today!!

I’m so excited!

In just a few hours I will be at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore for the launch of On Toby’s Terms – and I’ll get to actually meet Toby! (and Charmaine Hammond, his owner and the author of the book, of course). I’m not sure who I’m more excited to meet!

On Toby’s Terms has made me laugh out loud, cry, and really think – about life and about my dog.

If you can join us, please come to the Toronto Women’s Bookstore – meet Toby and Charmaine, hear some of their story, buy a book and get a pawtograph from 3-5pm.

If you can’t, you can watch us online at (this starts at 3:30pmEST).

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In Conversation with Ewuare X. Osayande

I feel incredibly lucky to be the host of FacingOut.
Some days, I feel extra lucky. Today was one of those days.

If you missed my conversation with Ewuare X. Osayande, you missed a real treat today.  While the title of his book (Misogyny and the Emcee – Race, Sex & Hip Hop) puts the spotlight on Hip Hop and its lyrics, his message is about awareness and change within the Black Community in order to resist the degradation and violence against Black women.

He began out talk today with a short presentation, where he told us of how he came to begin this work. His motivation, he told us, grew out of concern over the R. Kelly video years ago where a young girl is urinated upon. As he watched the media frenzy that came to R. Kelly’s defense, Ewuare found himself thinking: What about the girls, and the message this sends about their value and self worth?

His goal, since then, is to begin a dialogue about this very question and ultimately what it does to the Black Community. He wants to get men (and specifically Black men) thinking differently about the Hip Hop culture and the attitude towards women in our society.

He mentioned a few times, as he does in his book, that he is not hating on Hip Hop – although it may be seen as such. He is a lover of Black people, and within the social context of patriarchy and racism in a post-slavery society, he can’t sit by and do nothing when the lyrics of so many Hip Hop songs (and the culture it glorifies) are violent and degrading towards women.

It was a pleasure to hear about his work with organizations involved in teaching history to inform resistance, and critical listening skills to black male youth, to dialogue with him, and hear his responses to the questions in the audience (including Afrocentric schools, Chris Brown, and Obama).

It was a thoughtful, and though-provoking hour and 20 minutes.

Sorry you missed it?
You can watch the video!

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Did you miss the Revolution?

Did you miss the launch of The Revolution Starts at Home last week at the Gladstone?

It was a great night, but if you missed it, you can watch the video!

Not quite the same as taking in the drumming, hearing the readings, being able to ask questions and dance the night away, but almost as good!


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