Whether you love dogs or not….

Ah, dogs.

Chances are you either love them or don’t think much about them. Originally I was going to dedicate this blog post to the dog lover. But upon further consideration, it’s for the ambivalent as well – maybe even (dare I say it) for those who don’t like dogs! (gasp!)

I have started reading On Toby’s Terms in preparation for my In Conversation with author Charmaine Hammond next Saturday June 18th at 3pm EST (3:30 EST if you want to tune in over livestream). So far, it’s a tale that has captivated my dog-loving heart. Not just because Toby is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, but because having a dog in my life has changed me – as Toby is certainly doing to his owners at the beginning of the book (but not in a good way!).

If you saw the movie (or read the book) Marley and Me, Marley was a walk in the park compared to Toby. What I have learned so far is that Charmaine and her husband Chris are no ordinary people. I’m not sure many people would have tolerated the repeated devastation to their home that Toby seems to be capable of (5 toilet tank covers in about as many  months, to give you an example). But they did. I’m about to read how Charmaine turned this story around, using her extensive background working with troubled teens. If Toby was a person, he would likely have ended up in Juvenile Detention….

So, I’ll keep you posted – the story has a happy ending, because Toby will be at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore with Charmaine on June 18th to give PAWtographs. But how they got from where I’m reading to today is a mystery I’m looking forward to reading about. Stay tuned!



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